Yoga Teacher Mentor

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

You develop your teaching practice just like you develop your personal practice.

Who is mentoring for?

Sara offers mentoring for yoga teachers and yoga teachers-in-training. Her mentoring sessions are designed to support yoga teachers and teachers-in-training from any tradition. These sessions are also useful for teachers who have recently graduated and who are looking for further direction.

Sara works with yoga teachers enrolled in or graduated from:

  • Yoga Alliance 200-hr and 500-hr trainings
  • Yoga and meditation programs
  • Independent teachers

Sara helps support your teaching practice by answering questions, giving you the space to talk about teaching experiences, and offering guidance on further study or training. Sara also helps you make room for your continued personal practice (sadhana).

What does a mentoring session look like?

Mentoring sessions provide time for discussion and conversation. Frequent topics include:

  • clarification and discussion of topics learned during training
  • preparation for training tests
  • opportunities to practice teaching
  • guidance on next steps for teaching and learning
  • help with curriculum development
  • discussion of ethics and ethical dilemmas
  • working with students

I already have a teacher who is offering my training. Why do I need mentoring?

Yoga is a big subject, and as with any subject it helps to have multiple perspectives from across the yoga world.

Maybe your lead teacher explained a difficult concept to you and you’re looking for an alternative explanation. Maybe you signed up for a training without knowing the lead teacher or it’s an online program and your teachers aren’t as accessible as you thought.

A mentoring session with Sara at In Waves Yoga gives you a neutral space for you to ask questions and discuss your experiences.

Moving Forward

If you are interested in moving forward with mentoring, you can book an initial consultation.

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