Waiver of Liability

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Online Payments
Payments are accepted via cash, check, credit card, or via PayPal to sara@inwavesyoga.com. Payment is due either upon booking if using the online booking service, or upon receipt of invoice at the end of the session.

You may be able to reimburse yourself for yoga therapy costs from your HSA/FSA as long as you get a letter of medical necessity from your doctor.

Cancellation Policy
In Waves Yoga LLC reserves the right to charge the full fee or a partial fee for missed appointments without notice.

If you have to miss an appointment, please email sara@inwavesyoga.com or call/text 203-244-8403 as soon as you know you will be unable to attend the session.

If your session was pre-paid, you will receive a full refund if your session is canceled by In Waves Yoga LLC.

Online Classes and Online Private Sessions
Online classes and sessions are live-streamed via Zoom. Zoom is a third-party application and In Waves Yoga LLC is not responsible for any technical issues such as connection issues, poor audio, or poor video. Contact Sara at sara@inwavesyoga.com if you have any issues with your Zoom session experience.

Release Of Liability
By using In Waves Yoga LLC’s services (ex. booking an appointment, taking an online class, taking a online course), you acknowledge and agree to the following:

In Waves Yoga LLC in no way implies that its yoga teachers and yoga therapists can diagnose or treat any conditions. Yoga therapy is not a substitute for medical care. You understand that it is your responsibility to consult with a physician before your participation in services provided by In Waves Yoga LLC. You in no way hold In Waves Yoga LLC, its employees’ training programs and/or certifying agencies responsible for any injuries or other effects practices have on you. You are solely responsible for your own health and safety.